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Castle Organization

Do you live in a castle? Do you feel as though your home can even compare to something like that? Did you know that even castle dwellers have to deal with organizing all their things as well? Below, you are seeing a picture of Glin Castle in Glin, Ireland. It is such a stunning place to be able to live and we got to live there for a week! I learned so much while I was there. Looking at the amazing elements brought together in each room. Seeing their nooks and crannies and the items hidden inside. Watching the truly caring people who worked there pay attention to every little detail. We met the Lady of the castle too and she is so very lovely. It gave me a fantastic picture of how we each want to live in our homes and what we all might want to achieve in them!

It is my prayer that I can bring to you practical and enjoyable ideas for living in your home. I love to teach people how to clean and I love to observe what makes people truly happy, for then it is the small accomplishments and the particular features brought together that really make your home all about you!

2021-07-15 14.48_edited.jpg

Because every person on earth has been made entirely different from any other person on earth, we can expect that every home is entirely different from another as well. Even if your home is built "exactly" like the house next door, unless it is some weird anomaly, or you copied each other , then your house is still not the same!  I promise! We all have different strengths, likes, dislikes, gifts and even idiosyncrasies that just cannot match up to anyone else! Isn't this great?

Does your home look like this?


Are you a mom of many kids? Are you busy with work, sports, homeschooling or homesteading? Maybe you start projects and don't have time to finish them! Do your papers stack up until you are so overwhelmed that they tip over and make a bigger mess?


This was my house in Fall of 2020! I was severely depressed. I was relying on my own strength to get things done. I wanted to trust God and I didn't know how! Until I cried out to Him! Begging for help. Begging for freedom from bitterness and defeat! The next morning after falling on my knees and begging for peace to come into my home, God woke me up with a clear mind and a heart ready to heal. 

And the first thing I did was I prayed through every room in my house! I annointed every window and door with oil, in every room and pushed anything that did not belong there out the back door! Suddenly there was a peace that passed all human understanding and I knew it was going to be ok.


God reminded me that I had a gift. I had helped others for years get a handle on their homes and their things. I had to do that again! But FIRST? I had to help me! I had to reteach my family good habits. And I had to relinquish to the Lord my struggles, my perfectionism and my heart.

So I got started cleaning. It was going well! And within a month we had to go to help with our parents. Then a month later Mike's mom died. So we went back. We took some time to help get his family settled and brought a FULL moving truck HOME! So, then the rest of the house looked like this. YIKES!! 


When we got home, I knew exactly what to do. With the kids, my husband, and myself, we got to work and I did all the things that I have told all my friends and family over the years to do. And it worked! So, now I have created some simple systems that ANYONE can do and I would love for you to join me in them!


How to Get Started!

The first thing I did was I started every morning by making my bed!  Then I added a new habit after 21 days. Click here to get started today! 


12 Weeks to a Clean and
     Organized Home

Now you can join me and many others in cleaning and organizing your home! Click on the room below for lists and tips to get you started!

Week 1 - Kitchen      

Week 2 - Master  Bathroom  

Week 3 - Master Bedroom   

Week 4 - Living Room   

Week 5 - Dining Room  

Week 6 - Main Bathroom  

Week 7 - Kids Bedrooms

Week 8 - Family Room

Week 9 - Closets

Week 10 - Laundry Room

Week 11 - Home Office/Craft Area

Week 12 - Car/Garage/Storage

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