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Week 7 - Kid Bedrooms

The kid rooms are some of the cutest rooms with all the tiny shoes and clothes and toys! And in all honesty, some of the scariest when you never know what you will find in the bottom of the toybox or under the bed! Maybe that is why some kids are so afraid of monsters under the bed or in the closet?

As much as you can, get the kids to work with you to clean and organize their own rooms. I was always surprised how they were attached to things that I thought should be thrown away! Absolutely get rid of trash, broken toys, and anything that isn't safe, but when going through the most precious stuffed animals, dolls or collectibles, definitely give them the choice to keep what they love; within reason. Maybe they only have enough room for three? Then let them pick their their favorites. I promise it is easier to pick up a few items that you love than a room full of items someone else feels you should keep for whatever reason!


Week 7 - Kid Bedroom Cleaning List

Our DAILY cleaning in the Kids' Bedroom should be them making their beds and picking up after themselves. (Put dirty clothes in hamper, pick up toys before dinner or bed, remove dishes)


Our WEEKLY cleaning should consist of Washing the sheets, Sweeping or Vacuuming the floor and taking out all trash.


But DEEP CLEANING  is when we take an area and go deeper! So, if you are doing your regular daily and weekly cleanups then on this week you can go deeper by going through things and cleaning things like your dresser tops, drawers and ceiling fans.


Just work 15 minutes at a time! Don't get overwhelmed. Most  children have a lot of stuff but don't let that slow you down!


~ Clean ceiling fan/ light fixtures

~ Sort and clean out desktop and drawers

~ Sort and clean off shelves

~ Sort and clean off top of dresser

~ Sort and clean out dresser drawers (one at a time)

~ Clean off the nightstand

~ Dust desk

~ Dust shelves

~ Dust dresser

~ Clean windows

~ Wash ALL bedding

~ Shake out throw rugs

~ Empty trash

~ Sort through toys and stuffed animals, toss broken toys

    and donate unused toys



Organizing Tip!
For very young children that have a lot of toys...Pack up at least half of them and store them out of sight, then switch out toys every couple of weeks! It gives them something new to play with and keeps their interest better. 

Help teens become responsible by teaching them how to wash and put away their own laundry, as well as cleaning their room!
The time spent with them is valuable time getting to know who they are and what they want in life.

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