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Week 5 - Dining Room

The Dining Room is definitely an elegant room where inspiring meals are served to the family and any guests that have stopped on their journey. Here the King and Queen command a presence of peace and unity as they break bread with those around them.

Whether mealtimes are filled with fancy dishes or the floor is covered in cheerios and green beans, the dining room is definitely a place that everyone gets to experience the love poured into their hearts through their stomachs!


Week 5 - Dining Room Cleaning List

Our DAILY cleaning in the Dining Room should be picking up after ourselves by taking dishes to the sink, cleaning the table and throwing out any trash.


Our WEEKLY cleaning should consist of dusting, washing table linens, watering the plants and sweeping the floor.


But DEEP CLEANING  is when we take an area and go deeper! So, if you have a plastic cloth on the table, take that off and clean and polish what is underneath. Maybe even switch out the tablecloth for the season!

For our family the dining room also serves as our homeschool library, so other than dusting we will tackle that during Office week.


Remember: we ONLY deep clean for 15 min at a time! I do not want you burned out! And this week is just the dining room for deep cleaning. Other daily chores in other rooms still apply.


Deep Cleaning:

~ Dust any shelves by moving everything on them to clean it and put everything back 

~ Clean the table, polish if necessary

~ Wash the linens

~ Change out any holiday decor

~ Dust the hutch

~ Sort through the drawers and shelves to organize 

~ Get rid of things you don't need

~ Wash windows (clean all glass)

~ Wash curtains/blinds 

~ Water plants

~ Move all the furniture to clean underneath

~ Mop the floor

~ Clean carpets if necessary

~ Make a list of anything that needs fixing or replacing to take care of such as:

Fix the door handle, repot the plants, tighten the drawer handles, etc.

Remember! 15 minutes at a time! You can do this!

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