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Week 4 - Living Room

The Living Room is usually the most formal room of the house where the King and Queen invite their guests to spend time with them! It is where first impressions are usually given. A coat and shoe storage of some kind is sometimes close to the front door. 

This room should have ample seating and at least one tabletop for serving tea and cookies. In the castle, this would be where conversations flow about all sorts of things that interest people and it might even be where music is played and sung. 

If you don't have a family room, then even more happens in here! Which usually means loads of storage for all the family things! We will talk more about those kinds of storage ideas in the Family Room!


Week 4 -Living Room Cleaning List

Remember: we ONLY deep clean for 15 min at a time! I do not want you burned out! And this week is just the living room for deep cleaning. Daily and weekly chores in other rooms still apply.

Our DAILY cleaning in the Living Room should be EVERYONE picking up after themselves.


Our WEEKLY cleaning should consist of Dusting, Sweeping and Mopping, or Vacuuming the floor.


But DEEP CLEANING  is when we take an area and go deeper! So, before you clean the floors this week, you would want to clean the ceiling fan and clean out the couch cushions. Pick one thing each day, or work for just 15 min at a time doing as many things as you can before the timer goes off.

If you have children that use this room, then enlist their help as well. This can be a great time for a family to work together and get it all done in a short amount of time.


~ Remove all trash

~ Put items away

~ Dust tables and shelves by moving everything that is on them to clean it and put back only the              things that really belong there

~ Vacuum out the furniture cushions

~ Move furniture to clean underneath

~ Dust piano or  other instruments

~ Clean out toy bins (Toss broken toys, get rid of unused toys)

~ Sort through board and card games (Find all pieces and put away)

~ Wash windows 

~ Wash curtains/blinds

~ Water plants

~ Purge any books and magazines you no longer need

~ Clean carpets if necessary

~ Clean the TV 

~ Take donate items to the van

~ Clean the fireplace or wood stove


Make a list of anything that needs fixing or replacing to take care of on the weekend such as:


Call someone to fix the door, Call to have the chimney swept, or find an awesome paint color for the front door!

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