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Week 2 - Master Bathroom

A bathroom fit for a Queen!

If you are one of the lucky people to have a master bathroom connected to your bedroom then you might have considered making it quite special at one time or another. 

I love having a retreat that I can close off, light a candle and sit or soak in peace. It hasn't always been this way. When my children were small they followed me everywhere, just like you!

Consider the items you buy for this space to be of good quality because they will last a long time which also adds to the feeling of living in a castle.


Week 2 - Master Bathroom Cleaning List

Our DAILY cleaning in the bathroom should just be picking up after ourselves. Put items away as you use them. Keep a dish, cup or basket nearby for jewelry, hairclips, toothbrush and toothpaste.


Our WEEKLY cleaning should consist of cleaning the sink, tub, and toilet each week, empty trash, sweep the floor and washing linens (not rugs or curtains).


But DEEP CLEANING  is when we take an area and go deeper! So, if you swish the bowl of your toilet each week then deep cleaning would consist of wiping down the whole toilet top to bottom.  Deep cleaning the sink would be moving everything off of it and wiping down the soap container and things that live there. And it would also be washing rugs, curtains, windows, shelves, cabinets,  etc.


So, here is a list for you! Pick only four big jobs  for the week or as many as will fill 15 minutes at a time.  You might be surprised how many you can get done!


~ Clean counters, faucets, sinks.  

~ Sort through cabinet under sink.

~ Clean and sort through items on shelves.

~ Refill toilet paper, soaps, shampoo, conditioner. (Combine bottles. Throw away empty bottles.)

~ Scrub shower walls and bathtub.

~ Clean toilet inside and out.

~ Wash all linens, rugs, curtains.

~ Sift through medications and throw away outdated meds. Move meds to a cool, dry, high shelf in closet if              possible.

~ Sort through any other cabinet.

~ Mop floors and corners.

~ Clean fan.

~ Clean light fixtures.

~ Clean windows.

~ Clean doorknobs and switches.

~ Clean the trash can.


Part of deep cleaning also is looking carefully as you clean for anything that may need to be fixed! Put these on a list for the weekend to get done.


Loose drawer handles, loose faucet, leaks from plumbing or roof, replace lightbulbs, clogged drains, electrical shorts, fan noise, etc.


Remember that 15 minutes at a time is your friend!

Castling up in your Bathroom for the Holidays!

Castling up in the bathroom is about adding layers that make it feel more elegant and regal! Add elements that are easy to clean but are shiny and fun! The bathroom is a great place to add things like beads, crystals and candles. You can add a pretty hook to the back of the door for a plush bathrobe.

Decorating for the current holiday does not have to be overwhelming. You can add just a pop of color with hand towels. You can hang beads or pearls on the mirror for a reflective effect.  For Christmas I have added trees that will be easy to blow out with a can of air or wiped off with a cloth.

My Christmas add-ons are pictured below. What would be your dream add-on in your bathroom to make it more elegant or more comfortable for you?

Adding some beads and small trees to the sink area, or crystals to the curtain, makes it sparkle and feel inviting! Groups of two, three, or five are much more appealing to the eye.


Make your holiday decorations match the original colors in your bathroom. Then add a color for contrast and a sparkle element.

Mixing different types of materials and using different sizes or heights, also adds to an elegant feel.

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