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Week 12 - Car and Garage/Storage
(Unit, Attic, Basement)

Do you ever think about having to clean out the car or the garage? These are on the rotation because they need to be done too! However, I wouldn't suggest doing all of both at the same time. So, this week you can choose! 

Regular cleaning of the car keeps smells to a minimum whether you have been hauling smelly teenagers back and forth to the track or baby goats or pigs back to the homestead! Get all those smells out and enjoy your vehicle like you did when you first got it!

The garage holds everything the house can't hold and usually more! Some people can even fit the car in! Ha! And although that is my ultimate goal, it is not always easy to make it happen. You really need to determine what should actually live in your garage (or storage shed) because you are the on who lives with it!

Below you will see the lists that I have made up for each of us to work on the these things. Make it fun by doing them during good weather days! I do not suggest deep-cleaning the car in severe heat or cold. Southern friends, please do not clean the car like this in the summer! If you have to wait for better weather, definitely do so!

Clean Car List

DAILY cleaning is to remove trash and extra items every time you get home.


~ Take any donation items to be donated 

~ Remove clothes to hamper

~ Throw away all trash

~ Clean leather seats with cloth and cleaner

~ Clean/polish dashboard and vents

~ Clean cup holders

~ Clean storage spaces (door pockets, glove        box and console)

~ Clean windows

~ Vacuum floor and under seats

~ Take vehicle to wash outside

~ Fill gas tank

~ Restock first aid kit

~ Restock emergency supplies

~ Wash and replace blankets for winter

~ Check tool kit for supplies and refill as                necessary


Clean Garage List

Cleaning the Storage is usually a good weather activity and I suggest going through the boxes of items you store at the different holidays or seasons as to break it down into manageable chunks.


~ Throw away any trash

~ Pull out decorations for the next season , get          rid of any decorations (for the current season        or holiday) you no longer want or use

~ Store household décor in covered bins to keep      critters from nesting in it

~ Collect tools and put away

~ Prepare garden tools for winter storage

~ Use shelves instead of stacking

    to keep boxes from collapsing

    to help with lifting

    to make it easier to clean underneath

~ Use food out of the freezer 

~ Get rid of large items you no longer need

~ Get rid of small items you no longer need

~ Sweep!

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