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Week 11 - Office/Craft Area

Is this room the same for you, what we call in our family, "The Dump Room"? You know. The room that gets everything dumped in it and the door closed because Grandma is coming for a visit? Or, you didn't plan cleaning into the details for a dinner party? Ugh. Then when you need something, you slowly open the door to make sure nothing is falling over or some Halloween costume isn't about to accost you and make your heart leap out of your chest! Yes. THAT room.  Well, this week we are going to tackle  some of these things!


Do you have a separate office space? Or a space for your your crafts and craft tools? In my home this is the space where paper breeds faster than rabbits and dust bunnies reside! It is also in my bedroom. I have condensed the belongings in this space with clever use of containers that I will share with you, BUT I recommend to anyone listening that your busywork shouldn't go to bed with you at night. You need your rest. God says in Matthew 11:28 "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." We must not add our troubles to our sleep. If you can close off the office space from the rest of the room, it will help you sleep.

Week 11 - Office Cleaning List

DAILY cleaning in the office is sorting mail as it comes in and putting things away.

WEEKLY cleaning would consist of Dusting, Sweeping and Mopping, or Vacuuming the floor.



~ Put away the stuff that doesn't belong in this        room

~ Sort through paper piles (15 min at a time!)

~ Put craft items away

~ File important papers

~ Sort (Home) School papers into yearly "keep"        folders and trash


~ Throw away trash 

~ Pay bills

~ Shred papers and empty shredder

~ Check pens for duds and throw duds away

~ Dust the desk

~ Dust pictures and knick-knacks

~ Sweep or vacuum floors

~ Update family calendar 

~ Update phone #'s and addresses in book or            back up phone to the cloud

~ Move pictures off of phone to storage and              delete

~ Email to zero

~ Clean up digital files

~ Check for needed office supplies and make              a shopping list

~ Check for anything that needs fixing

~ Add any decor (change out holidays, paint            walls)

Week 11 - Craft Area Cleaning List


DAILY cleaning to clean up after yourself. Try not to leave the project out for later. By putting things away, it helps to clear your mind for other things to come in. Write the unfinished project onto the calendar or schedule to finish it in your planner so you don't forget about it.


~ Sort through all craft supplies by putting into      like piles

~ Use containers that are the same color to cut        down on visual stimulation

~ Put like items together

~ Label containers for easier finding


~ Put items away where they belong

~ Dust and clean off surfaces

~ Sweep or vacuum floor

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