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Week 10 - Laundry Room

In all my life, I have used a lot of laundry rooms. Some were public (yuck!), some were private. Many were rented, which at the time was hard to decorate, and a few we owned. 

Some were tiny stackables in a closet, and some were large like the picture you see here. 

No matter the size or where they were located, they still always had one major purpose and that is to care for the clothes of the occupants of the castle!

It is also a place for all the things that just don't seem to have a home anywhere else in the house! Because of this, we need to be clever in the storage areas in this room.


Week 10 - Laundry Room Cleaning List

Our DAILY cleaning in the laundry room should just be running laundry, emptying the dryer lint trap and general pickup. 


Our WEEKLY cleaning should consist of cleaning the sink, emptying the trash, sweeping and mopping  the floor, and washing any linens (not rugs or curtains).


But DEEP CLEANING  is when we take an area and go deeper! Deep cleaning the sink would be moving everything off of it and wiping down the soap container and things that live there. And it would also be washing rugs, curtains, windows, shelves, cleaning cabinets,  etc.

Here is your cleaning list! 

~ Clean the washer (and the trap)

~ Clean the dryer (and the hose)

~ Clean the shelves or cabinets out

~ Restock the cabinets

~ Clean the sink

~ Organize any storage

~ Wipe walls at back door

~ Clean switches and knobs

~ Sweep floor

~ Mop floor

~ Wash the rugs

~ Check for anything that needs fixed (tighten door hinges, schedule dryer to be fixed, caulk the sink)

~ Label power box

~ Take pictures of appliance numbers and file on phone

~ Add any decor (paint, hang cabinet, make decor for wall, hang wall organizer, build shelves for cabinet sides).

Laundry Room Makeover

So, all the pictures on the left are obviously before and on the right are after. Until I can get more pictures taken a few will be missing, but I will get them updated as we continue to work on it.


The entrance from the hall. The "dump zone"!


This is where everything would get dumped until we put in the cabinets for more storage. What a difference that made!


We are blessed with double w/d hookups but we are waiting to order a second set! We finally moved the freezer out of the house and moved the water softener to where the freezer was. That should help us get to order the next w/d set. How amazing will that be for a family of eight?


After years of leaving the door open to help with "airflow", we finally found someone who understood the equipment. We are so grateful to now be able to shut the door and have clean air running in the vents!

20210424_141950 (1).jpg

The new green color has really brightened up the room as the old color was soo dark! By adding the hooks to the wall, it picked things up off the floor. We can now hang other things there when needed.

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