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Week 1 - Kitchen

The Heart of the Castle! It is the place where we meet with family and friends. We pour love into all the things we make and walk back in to piles of dishes! But that's ok when things are fairly clean and organized. Right?


We have  so many things in this space. Cupboards full of tools, dishes, plastic containers, food, silverware, plasticware. ALL the things Kitchen! And the junk drawer? Yikes!

Below you will find a great list of all the things to clean. Let me know if I should add something!

20210106_005150 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Week 1 -Kitchen Cleaning List

Our DAILY cleaning in the Kitchen should be picking up after ourselves, washing dishes, cleaning counters, cleaning the table and taking out the trash.


Our WEEKLY cleaning should consist of making a grocery list, washing linens, sweeping the floor, scrubbing the sink, sorting through any piles, and taking out the trash.


But DEEP CLEANING  is when we take an area and go deeper! So, if you are picking up after yourself and keeping up on doing the dishes, then deep cleaning would consist of getting rid of things you no longer need!  (Like all those plastic container lids that have no matches!) And it would also be mopping, cleaning out cabinets, getting rid of broken dishes, and especially taking things back to their homes that do not belong in the kitchen, etc.


Just work 15 minutes at a time! If the kitchen is really bad, you will have to do this a few times a day, but you can do it!

~ Put away everything that does not belong in the kitchen! 

~ Deep clean the counters (clean under small appliances)

~ Clean the toaster

~ Clean the microwave

~ Clean the mixer

~ Clean the coffee pot

~ Clean the can opener

~ Clean out the junk drawer (if you have one)

~ Wipe out the refrigerator, eat up leftovers

~ Clean out the freezer

~ Deep clean oven and stove

~ Clean the range hood (above the stove)

~ Deep clean dishwasher

~ Sort through one cabinet

~ Water plants

~ Sort through one drawer 

~ Sort through the pantry

~ Sort through the plastic bowls and lids (get rid of unmatched items)

~ Clean switches 

~ Clean handles

~ Clean knobs

~ Wipe cabinet fronts or oil the wood

~ Wash the windows

~ Clean blinds or curtains

~ Dust pictures

~ Organize spices

~ Dust the china cabinet

~ Dust light fixtures

~ Clean up any mail or straighten the 'family control center'

~ Clean the trash can

~ Mop floor

~ Check for anything that needs fixed in the kitchen such as (new sealant around sink ,tighten                knobs, call electrician for broken stove burner and/or order a new dishwasher).


You can do this!! Just do ONE thing at a time and don't let the list overwhelm you!! I prefer to set my timer for 15 min and then break for something else. Or pick one or two each day! You will be amazed what you can do in the next six days!!


Have a great week!

Castling in the Kitchen for the Holidays!

Castling in the Kitchen is bringing in those foods that are of good quality and putting them together in such a way that it pleases the palette. You might put down layers of fabric on the table as decoration or clean up piles of food, wrappers or also any mail left on the counter so that you can add a small Christmas tree there instead.

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