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Let's Get Started!

Ask yourself these questions.


What does your house look like today? How many people live there? What kinds of things are in your house? Do you have lots of ideas and/or projects? Do your run a business out of your home? Do you homeschool your children with lots of books? Or maybe you have a homestead with animals and gardens?

Is everything in its place? Do you need places for things to go? Maybe all of the above? These are great questions for evaluating where you are at!


A family of nine is just going to have more stuff than a family of four. A family with small children runs differently than a family with just teens. A quilter that sells her quilts for a living will have more fabric and thread and even machines than someone who quilts for her own family, just as a painter has paints and canvas, or a mechanic has tools that most of us don't know what to do with.

This is important because when it is said that every family is different it is so TRUE! You were made for such a time as this, to be in this family and to do something that God has put directly on your heart! From being a wife, to a mother, to a person that does what you do, with all of the talents and skills that you have! And all of that takes organization powers that should come with a wand! But since we know those aren't so easy to come by let me help!

I want to help you get things organized so that you and your family can truly be the best that God wants you to be! 


Go here for a free questionnaire that you can fill out with the questions above. It helps to have things written down to give you perspective.

Daily Cleaning

Now that you can answer the questions above it is going to be easier to get each room clean and know how to clean it! Daily cleaning always consists of cleaning up after ourselves! Every day, in every space. This is such an important key! If you are anything like me at all and you tend to leave piles wherever you go, then this new habit will be hard to establish. BUT! You can do it!! You can find a daily cleaning list for each room at the top of each room page in the dropdown menu for Castle Organization.

Weekly Cleaning

Weekly cleaning is all about actual cleaning. This is wiping down counters, sweeping floors, washing laundry and making sure things are where they belong!  Make sure to look at the room lists for weekly cleaning on each room page in the dropdown menu for Castle Organization.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is just what that sounds like! Going deeper to get into the drawers and closets and under beds. Getting rid of unnecessary items in your house, eradicating dust bunnies and finishing with gleaming surfaces! Of course this takes work! Imagine walking in to your castle and feeling like a Queen!  That is our ultimate goal! Feeling like the Queen of your castle is possible! Join us here or on Facebook at "It Starts With a Drawer" each week while we  all focus on the same room together! You will find deep cleaning lists above for each room under the Castle Organization tab! Don't worry about catching up, just jump in where we are or pick a room and make your own schedule.

Holiday Decor

The holidays are the best way for bringing in your own style while also showing your family the way you want to celebrate each holiday.  Please do not make a weekend of going through all the holiday decoration boxes at once! As each season or holiday comes up, sort through only those decorations. Get rid of the things you no longer can use or want to use. Give things that the kids made back to them as adults if you need more space and let THEM decide whether or not to keep them. (If you love those items so much take pictures of them with your kids and keep the pictures instead.) Make a list of  only a few items that may need to be replaced. Most homes of people that I know are only putting out holiday decorations in the main living areas like the living room, kitchen and dining room. But, in order to decorate like they do in a castle, make sure to add something smelly (like a candle or soap) and/or some flowers that are suitable to the time of year to the main bathroom as well. It helps to make the space feel more inviting!

When all is said and done...

When all is said and done...Are people going to walk into your home and say "Wow! You live in a castle?" Probably not. But, when you have put in the effort to make your home a place of security, strength, comfort, and peace for your family, then your family wants to be there! Which in my book is the best thing of all! But as others are invited into your home they will feel those same things and THAT is the feeling of being in a castle!

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