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Dresser Redo

How to paint a dresser with a veneer covering.

I got this dresser from someone who swore it was solid wood. Well, it's solid! But, unbeknownst to me at the time, it is also covered in a veneer. Yikes! I got it relatively cheap, all the drawers were working and I felt bad for both the person desperate to sell it and for me not being clear in my expectations when buying used, online. We really needed a dresser, so I decided to make the best of it and paid the dear girl that really needed it sold.


As it turns out, I had been introduced to the idea of paint that adheres to plastic! This spray paint seriously excites me! We had painted the kids outside plastic dollhouse and it stuck! It was truly fantastic! So, I thought surely this would be great too! And it is!

A friend asked me to just write down my steps for them, so here you go!

You will need the following to paint your dresser with veneer:


sandpaper 220 grit or higher

multipurpose cleaner

damp washcloth

1 or 2 cans of spray paint:

I chose two colors. Satin Oasis Blue and Satin Espresso. These paint are by Rust-oleum and they are perfect for adhering to plastic. Make sure you get the kind that says 'Bonds to Plastic'.

painter's tarp or newspapers

11 knobs (or as many as you need)

Shelf paper


1. First, remove all the drawers and take off all hardware. Set onto painter's tarp or newspapers.


2. Clean the veneer really well with a multi-purpose cleaner and a lightly damp rag.    Rinse your rag and wipe clean once more. Let dry. 


3. Sand any noticeable imperfections with a 220 or finer grit sandpaper, being  careful not to overdo it. Lightly run that same sandpaper over the entire surface.  Wipe the surface with a damp cloth and let dry.

4. Once the dresser is clean and dry, with the Espresso color, use broad, even strokes of spray to cover the dresser from top to bottom. Go back over the entire dresser until you get the desired coverage that you want. This coverage took about three coats. Let dry completely between each coat to avoid dripping.

5. Next, move onto the drawers. Using the Oasis Blue, with broad, even strokes, paint only the front and edges of the front of each drawer. Continue to at least one more coat or until desired coverage is reached. Let dry completely between each coat to avoid dripping.

6. Add new knobs to drawers. If the knob is loose add a washer or two to tighten it up.

7. Cut matching shelf paper to match and add to inside of drawers. Put drawers back into dresser and enjoy all your hard work!

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