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Car Garage

This idea, I originally found on, they used mailing tubes instead of toilet paper tubes, but I found the pipes to be cheaper at the time that I made mine and I feel that now it will last forever. Especially as I needed a project that I would not have to regularly fix with such a rambunctious boy.

I also made the tubes fit to the depth of the crates instead of trying to find a backing so they didn't fall into the crate. This was a bonus because now he can store double the cars!

Materials needed:

2 crates  (mine were 15"  x  9 1/2"  x  7 1/2") 
2" pvc pipes (about 8ft long) cut into 6 1/2" lengths - 36 pieces OR

     the amount you need cut to the depth of your crates if they are different
PVC Primer and Glue handy kit
Acrylic paints in 
    Pumpkin and Navy Blue and White
New unpainted paint stir stick
Thick wire

Wood Glue

Tools you will need:

Sander or sanding block

Pipe cutter


Wire cutter

Let's get started!

Step #1 - Start by sanding the crates, inside and out. We used #220 grit to get the splinters smoothed down. 

Step #2 - Paint the crates and the paint stir stick. I had pulled these crates from another room redo to make this car garage so I painted them in new colors! Paint a name and car garage onto the stick.

Step #3 - Cut your pvc pipes to the same depth of the crate. Lay them out to see how they will fit.

Step #4 - Get the Primer and glue kit and start with the primer. (You should definitely be doing this outside!! It smells bad!) Take the primer and put it on the tubes and on the crate only where each piece will touch on the first row. (This stuff is super runny and will stain EVERYTHING purple.) Let it dry. Next put the glue on top of the primer and let it dry for just a moment and put it also on the wood. Next, when you put the tubes down, turn them about a quarter inch and hold them in place for a minute. this helps the glue adhere on each piece. Then, continue this step until you have all your tubes in place.

Step #5 - Using the wood glue, Glue the two crates together. Let dry.

Step #6 - Drill two holes into the top of the stir stick for hanging. Use wire to hang it but tuck those ends in really well so they don't hurt anyone!

That's it! Fill it with his favorite cars!

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