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My Chair

Dear friend,

Do you have a favorite chair or a favorite place to sit? Or, maybe a favorite place that you would like to sit? I do. I bought this beautiful chair to sit in my quiet bedroom and as it turns out, it looks like this!

All. The. Time!

I’m sure it is a disease. It never seems to go away. This stuff is always lurking. Piled up, sometimes as high as the back of the chair! It is where the extra quilt lives, when things warm up or where my Bible sits or my business papers go.

I actually looked up the term. It is called “Flat Surface Syndrome”. Urban dictionary says it means, when every flat surface, table, desk, etc. in your house is covered with stuff. When a person automatically fills up any clear spaces on a flat surface with clutter.

I really hate to admit how true that is for me. I can organize anyone’s stuff. I can teach others how to do it for themselves. I have for 30 years! But the struggle with depression is real and I personally get overwhelmed quickly. Why? Because trauma does things that make it harder to function.

But it is time to make a change. Time for me to move a few things as the holidays get closer on the calendar. Time to declutter. Does this mean everything will be perfect? Definitely not! But it can mean that we can have a more peaceful space and more peaceful holidays! Are you with me?

Let’s just do things one step at a time!

1.) So, set a timer! If you are struggling with getting moving, start with just 10 minutes. This will be just unloading the chair. One item at a time!

2.) Remove the largest items first. (I had already put the quilt away and the pillows back on the bed.) Next, I can see my crochet projects and leftovers from a costume I was making. Just putting those items away makes it so much easier to see what is left!

3.) Make like piles. Mine are Bible study tools, crochet projects, planner and pages I need to add to it, business pile of notebooks and sticky notes, recipes, bag for a friend, shirt for the keepsake box, etc.

See? It really doesn’t take too long to do something, but it sure takes a lot of mental energy to make those decisions, doesn’t it?

All those decisions!

Where does this project go while it waits for me to get back to it?


Where can my planner go so I can find it when I need it?


What about those recipes that keep falling out and need a place to go?

I know!

So many decisions. Take a breath....

So, are you ready for step 4? You’ve got this!

4.) Reset your timer for 10-15 minutes this time. Now we will just put the piles where they belong, but NOT back on that chair. This is where those decisions come into play.

Recipes to the recipe book shelf. It’s ok. Really. We will get there. At least now it is where it belongs. Right?

Put the Bible study stuff on the bedside table.

Put the crochet projects back in the yarn basket and the t-shirt in the keepsake box in the garage.

Well, my time is up! There is still a small pile of papers, but that will have to wait for another day, and that is perfectly ok!

I am so pleased. If you did this with me, you should be pleased too! I’m going to sit with a cold soda and watch a movie this cold Saturday afternoon.

I hope you sit down for a few minutes too! Remember, our brains work a little different these days. Give yourself a reward for such good work! It will refresh you, knowing there is an end to the madness!

I sure hope you find a little peace in your day, just knowing that something got done! God is good. He will get us through this, one step at a time.

Well friend, it has been lovely talking to you today. Be blessed and remember, It started with a drawer!


Marlena Jo

#flatsurfacesyndrome #setatimer #organizingasinglesurface

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