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A New Mindset

Dear Friend,

Do you ever find yourself wanting to escape from your life? From your crazy family? From your messy home? From the to-do list that is over a mile long but really has nothing to to with You?

Do you long for moments of inspirational painting or of walks down a country lane with your faithful friend or your beautiful family only to find that the dishes aren't done yet, the house isn't clean and your phone is ringing off the hook with demands of what everyone else expects of you?

Oh man. This resonates with me more than I care to admit. The sheer amount of overwhelm on a given day is usually enough to make me want to go back to bed. But NO! It is time to make real choices! To begin to cut the overwhelm and add in the blessings of life!

But how?

How do we shut off the overwhelm? How do we stop the little ones from crying for our attention all day? Or stop the phone calls that plant destruction into our days and keep us from doing ALL THE THINGS! on our lists? How do we stop the negative self-chatter that is on a constant reel in our minds of how we are not measuring up to the standards placed on us every day?

You need a new mindset.

But what does that mean? It means, you need to stop.


For just a few moments.

Stop and pray.

If you have children with you at home, or your husband, or a friend, ask them to sit with you for a moment while you do so. Maybe you are alone today as you read this or you certainly feel alone. Please know that you are not. I am with you, right now, praying for your list. Praying for your peace. Praying for you!

Will you pray with me?

"Oh Lord, as I come humbly before you, I first ask for your forgiveness and mercy over my life. I have been wrong in my pursuits of needing everything to be right or perfect in my own eyes. The perfection of my home and the ideas of how things should be. I need a new way of thinking. I need a new way of doing things. I may even need a new church . Or a new job. A new friends. Or just new ideas."

"Lord, today I give all of these things up to you! I give you my need for perfection and I ask you for peace in the busyness of my mind. Please give me a new way of thinking that is Your way of thinking."

"God, will you please help me evaluate what those things are supposed to look like in my life? Will you please bring alongside of me the people who will bring out the best in me and want the best in me? If I need new friends, help me to be honest with myself and them about the new life I am wanting to live and to let go of it if necessary."

"Lord, help me to be satisfied in the job I have or help me to determine what the next step is in moving where you need me to go."

"In my home Lord, help me to create a sense of peace that ultimately starts with You working in me. Give me the ability to let go of the 'things' that I am holding onto so I can feel free in my spaces. Help me to lovingly teach my family to respect me and to care for one-another so that I can release some of the burdens that I carry alone."

"Father, you created me for such a time as this! To be on the earth, to be in my home, to do what I do and to enjoy every bit of life you have afforded me. Philippians 1:6 says, "Being confident of this very thing, that he which has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.'"

"Thank you Lord for this new new work you are doing in me today and every day after. Thank you for my new mindset, for new ideas, for peace. Thank you for your heart. Amen."

Do you feel that? That peace that surpasses ALL understanding? Do you see how God's ways are not our own but definitely better? If you are struggling with this, I know where you are. It is ok to struggle and to question. Please continue to pray these things over your own mind and heart. I will be praying for you as well!

I encourage you to pray the scriptures as you find God's heart for your life. Pray what is in your own heart. Give it ALL to Jesus! With Him your life can be made new!


Marlena Jo

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