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Marlena Jo

Dear friend!

Hi! I am so glad you are here!


My name is Marlena Jo. I am a Christian woman married to my very best friend Mike, whose kind and loving heart keeps me grounded every day. We have been married for 30 years! We have five children by birth, two by marriage, and four by adoption (for a total of eight boys, one girl, one son-in-law and one daughter-in-law, so far!) They range in age from twins at 29 years old down to 12 and we also have two beautiful grandchildren!


We now live on a small homestead in Northern Wyoming. Last year we finally raised chickens again for meat and eggs but raised up pigs for the first time too! It has been quite the adventure! Although our home is a great size at 2250sq ft., we still struggle for workable spaces with six teenage boys in the house all needing their own spaces. This makes the need for a quiet, well-organized, and creative space for Mom HUGE as I am the only girl left in the house!


I have homeschooled as few as two and as many as seven kids all at one time, for 26 years, and will continue to homeschool some of our children and public school others of them until the last one has graduated. I enjoy organizing, singing, reading, gardening, cleaning, teaching, canning, prepping, and decorating my home. I especially LOVE crafts! It really makes me so happy to come up with ideas and make them come true for organizing my family and beautifying my home.  

My passion however? Is to help people organize their lives "One Drawer at a Time". This is especially important if you are fighting depression or overwhelmed by all the demands that come our way! I have been a master organizer for over 25 years. I have continued my own education by studying books and articles as well as taking decorating courses.  I have also started a Christian counseling course with Christian Life Ministries. I hope to have my certificate in the next year! I have personally suffered from depression for what we believe has been 34 years.  I was 16 years old when I attempted suicide, twice. God has since released me from depression. Even though I  still have low days and suffer occasional panic attacks, I am grateful to be continuing my education on this topic to help others find peace in the midst of it all.


It is my wish and my prayer that I am able to help bring peace and order into the lives of those around me. Maybe even give a little inspiration when I have some! Come along with me and you may find many stories, videos and tools that can help you along in your journey.

2021-07-16 11.46_edited.jpg


I am more grateful than I can express for those who have supported me over all these years and of all the new friends I have made! Thank you for your support!

G. - Do you have any idea how motivating it is to see the clutter disappear and the clean areas shine. Really makes me feel peaceful. No wonder I find my place so...chaotic. It's up to me. I love that I only have to do one area at a time or whatever I decide.

J. -  You have really motivated me!

T. - I love how you show us how to do it one step at a time.

B - Just want to say thank you for starting the Facebook group! I have had plans to get my house cleaned up little by little. I usually do a decent job keeping up but the last 6 months have made it nearly impossible. Your daily reminders have been so helpful. I've mostly cleared off my counters and cleaned my oven. Not going to worry too much about the fridge because we're getting a new one soon. But I've actually gotten 3 bedrooms deep cleaned and now my living room and dining room. It feels so good!

J. - You've taught me things about home management I never knew! And it's so wonderful to be able to ask a question and get a direct answer. Thanks to you I cleaned my blinds for the first time in too long. I really appreciate you!

L. - Your Facebook Group has helped me to make tremendous progress.

M. - I finally tackled my shower and bathtub today. Thanks for the motivation!

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