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A 15 - Minute Week

What is a 15-minute week? It is literally a week of doing '15 minutes or less' necessary chores throughout the house to either get you ready for an event coming up or to get you back on track. You might notice that I usually have a 15 minute week at the end of each 12 weeks throughout the year! Well, as we have been deep cleaning for the prior 12 weeks, this week can serve as a bit of a break week. We can focus only on those tasks that are pressing on us or in our faces from living with precious little humans. It is a good week to get ahead. It is a good week to teach those precious little humans how to do the jobs that seem to need more attention than others. It is also a good week to rest!

So this week, I am concentrating on any task that will take 15 minutes or less and then writing those things down when I am done! This will help later when we forget how long something takes! You might be really surprised by how long something takes if you are just focused on that task or you haven't done it for awhile. Besides, racing the timer is fun! 


So join me and hundreds of others during this week and find what is best for you during this 15-minute week!

A 15-Minute List

Remember to keep up your daily list, but this list below will be your list for weekly and deep cleaning this week.

It only takes 15 min or less to:


~ Strip the bed - 1.5 min

~ Put sheets in washer - 3.5 min

~ Find and fill the cleaners  - 1.5 min 

~ Clean the double sink - 6 min

~ Clean the single sink - 3min

~ Clean the mirrors - 2 min

~ Clean the tub - 4.5 min

~ Clean the toilet

~ Empty bathroom trash and add bag - 45 sec

~ Dust the dresser -  9 min with sorting through things!

~ Clean the bedside table - 1 min

~ Switch the laundry - 2 min

~ Make the bed from clean sheets - 8 min

~ Fill the dishwasher

~ Clean the counters

~ Dust the living room

~ Sweep the floor

~ Throw away the trash around the house

~ Scoop the cat box

~ Take out the trash

~ Clean up the pantry (throw away empty boxes, combine half empty containers, sweep)

~ Make a menu

~ Make a grocery list


What are you doing in 15 min or less today? How many do you think you can get done this week?

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