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Hi! My name is Marlena Jo Gross

I am 

~ An Organizer

~ An Author

~ A Coach

~ A Teacher

~ A Speaker

~ A Wife

~ A Mother of nine

~ A Homeschooler

~ A Granny

and my Passion is:

Helping women learn how to clean and organize Everything from the piles to the drawers!

Join me! Check the calendar below! You can join me knowing I am working in the same room as you are!


Week 1 -     July    2-8                      Kitchen 
Week 2 -    July    9-15                     Master Bathroom 
Week 3 -    July    16-22                  Master Bedroom
Week 4 -    July    23-29                  Living Room
Week 5 -    July    30-Aug 5           Dining Room
Week 6 -    Aug     6-12                    Main Bathroom
Week 7 -    Aug     13-19                  Kids Bedrooms
Week 8 -    Aug     20-26                 Family Room
Week 9 -    Aug     27-Sept 2          Closets
Week 10 -  Sept    3- 9                     Laundry Room
Week 11 -   Sept    10-16                 Office
Week 12 -  Sept    17-23                  Car/Garage
Week 13 -  Sept    24-30                 15-Minute Week

Week 1 -    Oct       1-7                       Kitchen 
Week 2 -    Oct      8-14                     Master Bathroom 
Week 3 -    Oct      15-21                   Master Bedroom
Week 4 -    Oct      22-28                  Living Room
Week 5 -    Oct      29-Nov 4           Dining Room
Week 6 -    Nov     5-11                     Main Bathroom
Week 7 -    Nov     12-18                   Kids Bedrooms
Week 8 -    Nov     19-25                  Family Room
Week 9 -    Nov     26-Dec 2           Closets
Week 10 -  Dec      3-9                      Laundry Room
Week 11 -  Dec      10-16                  Office
Week 12 -  Dec      17-23                  Car/Garage
Week 13 -  Dec      24-30                 15-Minute Week

to our 



Hello!  I am so happy that you have stopped by! What a joy it is to have you visit our little castle! Please grab a drink and a snack and sit with me for a little while. If you are new here please go to the Get Started page.

It is my dream to help others organize their own homes while providing ideas and any possible inspiration that God brings to me. I love organizing and all that goes with it so I hope you will consider this a safe space! No judgement here! We all have things we are good at and things we are not so good at, but we ALL should have the opportunity to feel like the Queen in our own castle! I hope you can find some help within these pages to be able to feel as though you are the Queen of Your Castle!

Lasting impression...

Marlena Jo is a Christian wife and homesteading, homeschool mom who has 9 children and 3 grandchildren in many stages of life. She has been a master organizer for over 25 years helping people in their homes and businesses to regain peaceful spaces and would like to help you do the same. To learn more about her please see her story in the About Marlena Jo section here.

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